GWRC Annual Conference Featuring Dr. Nell Duke


Thank You To All Those That Attended!

Conference Video Presentations
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1. Friendship in Kindergarten

Mary Davis and Joy Hoagland, DC Public Schools
What makes a good friend? Kindergarten students will read and discover what makes a good friend! At the end of their study, they will create school wide posters to teach their schoolmates about what it takes to be a good friend.
Mary Davis –  Joy Hoagland


2. Perseverance and Popularity

Heather Zuerblis, DC Public Schools

Who has persevered? Many people have worked through obstacles! First grade students will create a classroom book (for the library) to share with their schoolmates about different people who have stuck with it!

Heather Zuerblis –


3. Travel and Tourism

Emily Hammett, DC Public Schools

What’s great in the District of Columbia? Students will discover interesting places within D.C. and produce travel brochures inviting tourism to these lesser known locations!

Emily Hammett –


4. Goal Setting and the FBI

Nisreen Daoud and Amanda Frank, Fairfax County Public Schools

Students are asked to set school goals, think about aspirations, and prepare for a new year. In a letter to the Junior Special Agent (FBI) program coordinators, students merge their ideas to introduce themselves and explain how the program can help them attain those goals throughout the course of a year.

Nisreen Daoud Amanda Frank


5. Identity: Who Are We?

Meghann Weis, Arlington Public Schools

Who are we? Who are we as readers and writers? Students will explore how reading makes us better writers and how writers’ lives give insight to their writing. After being immersed in reading and reflect\ting on specific authors’ lives and their work, students will create personal narrative presentations to share with students, teachers, and administrators who visit our Who Are the Sixth Grade Stars Gallery.

Meghann Weis


6. The Radio Project: Does history repeat itself?

Lisa Hughes, Loudoun County Public Schools

After exploring the boundaries that serve as limits or dividing lines in the physical, political and social areas of human lives, students will answer the question about which of these boundaries should be respected and which should be challenged. Students then research one boundary and prepare an interactive timeline project.

Lisa Hughes –


7. CSI Rock Ridge

Lisa Hughes, Loudoun County Public Schools
Students read a series of noniction forensics books, completed online research and created a script for a trailer of a new forensics TV show. Local police officers will be evaluating the projects.

Lisa Hughes –


8. The Joy of Cooking

Mary Perez and Susanna Smith, Arlington Public Schools

How does cooking play a role in our lives? Third grade students will explore cultural differences and similarities in terms of daily menus and favorite recipes in their homes, at school, and in local restaurants. The culmination of this exploration will be a magazine about cooking, to include articles, recipes, and reviews.

Mary Perez Susanna Smith


9. Magazine in the Making

Kristin Niketic and Micaela Pond, Arlington Public Schools

What makes writing fun for fifth graders? We believe it’s writing for a purpose! In this yearlong collaborative project, fifth grade students discover how articles are written and a magazine is made! They live the writing process, collaborating with both their peers and community members. At the end of their study, students “publish” a digital magazine for a real audience. Whether serving as a food critic, book reviewer, researcher, travel guru or sports analyst, each student gets to experience the adventure of writing a magazine in the making.

Kristin Niketic – Micaela Pond


10. Our Alphabet Book

Sarah Martin and Shyara Cherubim, Arlington Public Schools

A kindergarten and first grade class worked together to develop content focused alphabet books. Each team identified and researched a topic of interest to create an alphabet book to be shared with classrooms and the school library. With use of academic choice, students were able to create a product based on their learning styles.

Sarah Martin  Shyara Cherubim


11. Amazing Animal Superpowers

Maria deOlazo and Erin Watson, Arlington Public Schools

Ms. deOlazo's second grade class used an inquiry and project based approach to craft informational texts and riddles designed to entice and astonish readers. With special help from renowned author, Jerry Pallotta, students developed their research skills by engaging in a continuous cycle of reading and asking questions. Inspired by Jerry to push through the challenges researchers face and embrace drafting mistakes as opportunities to compose stronger, more compelling texts, this project will culminate with an engaging oral debate in the Who Would Win? format well loved by animal admirers and Pallotta fans everywhere.

Erin Watson  Maria deOlazo –


12. Life in the Revolutionary War

Karen Banks, Loudoun County Public Schools

What was it like during the Revolutionary War? Dominion students investigate life during this period through research and participation in a reenactment. Students will create presentations which reflect the daily activities and historical context of this period. Presentations will be shared with parents and faculty at the school’s Partnership Night.

Karen Banks –  


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